Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence


Target the right firms

Data & Analytics Buildshare is the comprehensive source of information on key firms in the North American Building Industry, including the projects they work on and their network of partners – designers, contractors and owners

Target your construction business development efforts for maximum impact

Know the key players

Identify the most active players by building type and region based on number of projects and project value

Determine who specializes in certain building types, large vs small projects, new construction vs. renovation across the US and in geographic areas you are most interested in exploring

Gain insight into relationships

Discover owners that work with specific architects and contractors

Identify related firms and their frequency of interaction with key players

Learn of opportunities to connect and make new relationships, and recognize areas where there is competition

See where firms focus

Drill into the profile of each firm to see the number, value and location of projects they are working on as well as the split between new construction and renovation, project size, public vs. private projects and building types.

Keep tabs on competitor activity and changes in their key relationships